Ever since I can remember, my fondness for roses has always surpassed all other attachments. I don’t see a rose as simply, ‘Just another flower’ ~ Rather, it is the Queen of all flowers hence the birth of Jardin Des Roses.

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Jardin Des Roses




The amount of times I’ve twisted and turned my pen between my fingers is unreal- I like to do things the traditional pen and paper way. As you may have gathered, this is the very first time I’m writing a blog and though I initially started off thinking, ‘What on earth are you doing?’ I’m now finding it very therapeutic.


Being a true 90’s kid, I can hand on heart say, as I’m sure many of you can too, that we honestly had thee best childhood. I remember- and vehemently miss – waking up early morning just so I can run out to play football with my friends for the entire day! I miss reading the chilling goosebump books and having the most amazingly scrumptious and comforting home made pizzas and pies – curtesy of my sister – every Saturday night. We really are the last generation that learnt to play on the streets.



Though what I miss the most is watching my doting father routinely at midday, step out of the house with his full to the brim watering can and his dinky white step ladder to feed the glorious shower of flowers in his showpiece hanging flower baskets. The blooms which were always bursting with vivid hues of pinks, whites, purples and greens were clearly his pride and joy. I miss watching my father slowly turn the flower baskets around oh so carefully and gently showing great love and passion to what he was doing. Endearingly, the flowers always seemed to have a very appreciative and submissive look to them.  I loved watching that surreal bond between my father and his flower baskets to which I would always giggle at. Oh… and if the football ever landed in close vicinity to those flower baskets during a penalty shoot out, my heart would be pounding as hard as a bass drum until I had fully investigated and ensured that they had not, even the slightest bit, been damaged. It wasn’t ever the fear of what my dad may say to me but more how he would feel if he was to find his prized possessions in an unfathomable state!

I think parents tend to influence us in more ways than we could possibly imagine- from what we tend to see through our priceless journey with them- their actions all resonate deep within us and we remain oblivious to the impact this has on us. My father has influenced me in many ways; my career choice (teaching) as well as what I love to do the most, floristry.


I honestly didn’t  know I was going to fall so deeply in love with blooms [cliché but fact] though truth be told, that love was always there and I strongly believe I have my amazing father to thank. If you know me personally you’ll be witness to my constant rose spam on instagram way before JDR came into existence. I’d be in such awe of how beautiful and profound their structure actually is and completely mesmerised with how detailed God has made each sublime flower. It really does go to show His magnificence!

Taken on July 16th 2015

I believe one of my greatest joys in life is to have the kind of parents that I do. My greatest influencers really aren’t the most followed on Instagram, nor do they document their every move on social media. They are, quite simply, my parents. The ones who showered their unending support and fierce confidence in me to do things I truly didn’t think I’d be capable of doing. The ones to whom I am ever so grateful for, for allowing me to be who I am today. My parents who taught me how to be truthful and good to others and to always think in positive ways. I think the term, ‘influencer’ has a much more deeper meaning than the loose term we tend to use on the gram, wouldn’t you agree?`

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