Ever since I can remember, my fondness for roses has always surpassed all other attachments. I don’t see a rose as simply, ‘Just another flower’ ~ Rather, it is the Queen of all flowers hence the birth of Jardin Des Roses.

Address:  Preston, PR1 3BU
Phone :  01772 342121
E-mail : info@jardindesroses.co.uk

Jardin Des Roses


The Birth of Our Signature Collection

Our Inspiration

Handbags. We love everything about them. We love to buy them, use them, shop for them, and even read about them. Have you ever had that feeling when you know you’re going out shopping for a clutch, except you know exactly the sort you want? You’ve had your eye on a certain handbag even, and every time in the shop window it catches your eyes and pulls at your heartstrings. You know exactly how that gorgeous piece of investment (because that’s what I like to call it) feels in your hands and you crave to feel the luxurious fabric rub against your skin and every time you toy with it in the shop mirror, it draws you in even more- well that’s the feeling I got when I started with our Signature Premiere Collection- I knew exactly what I wanted and so I set out to get it!

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