Ever since I can remember, my fondness for roses has always surpassed all other attachments. I don’t see a rose as simply, ‘Just another flower’ ~ Rather, it is the Queen of all flowers hence the birth of Jardin Des Roses.

Address:  Preston, PR1 3BU
Phone :  01772 342121
E-mail : info@jardindesroses.co.uk

Jardin Des Roses


JDR turns 1!

I can’t believe it’s one year already! Still feels like yesterday when I decided it was time to embrace my passion and make my dreams come alive. It’s surely been an incredible year for Jardin Des Roses and I choose to call it a rollercoaster of ups and downs (mainly ups), meeting new people, putting smiles on people’s faces and just generally being in my comfort zone the most- in the JDR creation room of course!

Not only is today a day of celebration for my business but it’s also our 2 year wedding anniversary too… 2 years of amazing memories spent with my loved one- Alhamdulilah. We got married on 14th April 2017 and launched JDR on the very same day a year later- 14th April 2018.  Every single moment has been amazing and precious to me and I’m extremely grateful to all of you amazing people who have watched me and supported me on this incredible journey. To everyone that has contributed to the success of my business in one way or another, I offer my sincere gratitude and I’m thankful for you all.

The past 365 days have been consumed with excitement, passion, creativity, and a lot of fun! As Jardin Des Roses turns 1 today, I’m sat here reflecting on the past and celebrating the milestones and experiences that happened along the way. From trying to find the perfect white background for our Insta worthy images to spending months on designing our products and packaging, I’d have to say, slowly but surely, it all fell into place. I have to thank Yasin, my husband, for being mighty patient throughout the whole process and for showing tonnes of understanding when I’d reply back to my DMs and emails at silly o’clock, when it should really be ‘our time’ only. Thank you for going on errands for me whilst I was holding down a full time job alongside JDR and thank you for always being super supportive- You’re my homie!

We continue to devote our everything into working hard on developing the business, our business plan, our 5 year road map, our website, our service offering, and of course our new business plans. At Jardin Des Roses, we pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service and satisfaction, experience, and product knowledge. This helps us to ensure that the uppermost quality products with service to match are delivered to our clientele. My love and passion is in creating perfect and beautiful moments for my lovely clients and the look on the faces of those receiving the blooms unexpectedly, is honestly an experience within itself- a priceless experience to say the least! Jardin Des Roses takes this sensitive process to another dimension and ensures that your every moment is created flawlessly with as much love as I have for the rose herself.

Jardin Des Roses is still so young but I’m super excited and looking forward to another year of exponential growth! It’s been an incredible year and your invaluable and continuous love and support is highly appreciated because without you all, Jardin Des Roses success story will be incomplete. I am full of hopes for the amazing experiences that are about to unfold this coming year and we have so much planned too- I can’t wait to continue this dreamy journey with you all. Thank you once again for being part of the JDR ride.

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