Ever since I can remember, my fondness for roses has always surpassed all other attachments. I don’t see a rose as simply, ‘Just another flower’ ~ Rather, it is the Queen of all flowers hence the birth of Jardin Des Roses.

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Phone :  01772 342121
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The Natural Collection

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Dry Floral Arrangements | The Natural Collection

A wide collection of dry flower decoration, buds, and grasses is used to make the dried bouquet and home decoration projects. We select the finest quality flowers and dry them out with the most delicate techniques.

If you are searching for a present for someone who loves to keep and preserve gifts with them for a long period of time, the best way to express your love is to buy dried flowers for them. They will be able to hold on to these aesthetically pleasing flowers with them and feel the touch of your love.

We select the most natural, unique and captivating colour combinations while crafting the perfect bouquets for you and your loved ones. Across the pallet, from pastel colours to vibrant colours, we cover it all for you! Our bouquets are a treat to the eyes and soul.

Jardin Des Roses take help from the strongest and attractive materials to keep the flowers stay together. The strength of the material ensures the bouquet’s durability, while the attractiveness helps it blend with the floral tones.

Floral arrangements you can never forget

Mesmerise your loved ones with the most stunning dried flower arrangements. Jardin Des Roses gives attention to detail such as leaves and the buds leaving you and your guests enticed. We portray your emotions and feeling through the dried floral arrangements at your special events. Speak your heart out with dried flowers in the UK.

Dried Flower Delivery

When you buy dry flowers online from Jardin Des Roses, you will not have to wait for ages to receive your beautiful flowers. Our prompt delivery is our strength, just like a stem in a rose. We deliver the bouquet in the least time that makes us the best dried flower delivery spot in the United Kingdom.