Ever since I can remember, my fondness for roses has always surpassed all other attachments. I don’t see a rose as simply, ‘Just another flower’ ~ Rather, it is the Queen of all flowers hence the birth of Jardin Des Roses.

Address:  Preston, PR1 3BU
Phone :  01772 342121
E-mail : info@jardindesroses.co.uk

The Flower Diaries

The Flower Diaries

The Importance Of Yellow Flowers and When To Send Them

All colours have their own attributes. Experts have proven through multiple pieces of research that the colour you wear has a prominent impact on your personality and character. When we speak of colours that induce positivity, happiness, optimism, and friendliness, the colour yellow tops the list. The perceived colour of sunlight is said […]


THE MAKING OF A FLORIST IN PRESTON The amount of times I’ve twisted and turned my pen between my fingers is unreal- I like to do things the traditional pen and paper way. As you may have gathered, this is the very first time I’m writing a blog and though I initially started […]

JDR turns 1!

I can’t believe it’s one year already! Still feels like yesterday when I decided it was time to embrace my passion and make my dreams come alive. It’s surely been an incredible year for Jardin Des Roses and I choose to call it a rollercoaster of ups and downs (mainly ups), meeting new […]

The Birth of Our Signature Collection

Our Inspiration Handbags. We love everything about them. We love to buy them, use them, shop for them, and even read about them. Have you ever had that feeling when you know you’re going out shopping for a clutch, except you know exactly the sort you want? You’ve had your eye on a certain […]