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The Importance Of Yellow Flowers and When To Send Them

All colours have their own attributes. Experts have proven through multiple pieces of research that the colour you wear has a prominent impact on your personality and character. When we speak of colours that induce positivity, happiness, optimism, and friendliness, the colour yellow tops the list. The perceived colour of sunlight is said to be an expression of enlightenment and extroversion. Moreover, in eastern cultures, especially in the subcontinent, yellow symbolises joy and power, which is why we see brides and grooms wearing yellow at their weddings.

Take the example of a renowned interior design expert, Michelle Ogundehin, who intentionally chose yellow for her son’s bedroom. When asked, she said she wanted to make a happy vibe space.

The human eye always processes yellow colour first, which is also why authorities use it for road signs to demonstrate caution.

Apart from all other uses, yellow is heavily used in the flower domain. Any reputable online flower shop will definitely offer various types of yellow flowers, available in bouquets, hand-tied flower arrangements, or even as a big individual flower.

The Meaning Of Yellow Flowers

Different cultures have used yellow for different purposes. For instance, the Mayan culture has used yellow flowers as a symbol of abundance. In ancient times, Greeks and Egyptians would highly value yellow coloured flowers because of their resemblance to the sun. Lastly, in Victorian England, yellow flowers were a symbol of unrequited love.

In recent times, yellow roses are considered a symbol of happiness and friendship. Just like the sun brings hope and joy after a long dark night, yellow flowers are also used to cheer people up.

Top Favourite Yellow Flowers

Adding a touch of yellow to your garden or your flower arrangement is a very simple thing to do. Despite the simplicity, it looks absolutely stunning. Fortunately, yellow flowers bloom all year round. The types of seasonal yellow flowers mostly admired are:

  • Spring yellow flowers: the spring season is known for its amazing colours. You’d come across a rich profusion of flowers of all colours blooming in this season. Similarly, yellow flowers in spring will be found in abundance. They are used for Easter display and in most cultures, spring yellow flowers symbolise rebirth or brightness.
  • Summer Yellow Flowers: Summer is again the season when we see a lot of flowers blooming and thriving. Speaking of yellow flowers in summers, yellow daisies and buttercups will be seen mostly as they accentuate décor in weddings and special events.
  • Fall Yellow Flowers: Fall bouquets are usually made of sunflowers and Yellow roses that have the ability to brighten up any ambience.

When Can You Gift Yellow Flowers?

Most people consider yellow flowers as a mean of truth, love, respect, and compassion. You can always gift yellow flowers to your teachers, mentors, or even to your colleagues in the workplace. As a lead or manager, you can appreciate your team’s good performance with a fresh yellow flower bouquet. Also, since the colour yellow conveys pride and hope, these flowers are the safest bet for celebrating academic achievements or congratulating a loved one on their professional beginnings.

You’ll come across several online flower shops in the UK while browsing on the internet, as the flower business is booming. However, it is important that you only get in touch with a flower store and florist that provides quality flowers and services, so that your special occasions never fall short of excellence. Head over to Jardin Des Roses and get the best quality flowers at the most affordable prices.

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